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Ecclesiastes 9:10:

"Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might..."


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how to book
whats cleaned

What's Cleaned?

IMPORTANT:  If your home is a disaster zone, and we have to spend majority of our time tidying, we cannot spend as much time scrubbing and cleaning.  Also, we do not move furniture but will do our best to clean whatever we can with our hands or an extension duster. 

If you are interested in a recurring clean with us, the first clean will have to be an initial cleaning if your home has not been cleaned by a cleaning service/cleaner is over a month.

NOTE: We will provide all cleaning products but if there are any other items you have that you'd like us to use just let us know prior to your scheduled cleaning!  

BASIC CLEAN (Recurring Only)
  • Ceiling fans and light fixtures (dusted)

  • Cobwebs removed

  • Window sills (dusted)

  • Moldings and woodwork (dusted)

  • Baseboards (dusted)

  • Lamp and lampshades (dusted)

  • Pictures and knick-knacks (dusted)

  • Furniture (dusted and / or vacuumed)

  • Outside of appliances cleaned/inside the microwave

  • Stove-top and backsplashes (washed)

  • All sinks (scrubbed/disinfected)

  • Mirrors (Windexed)

  • Tub/Shower and tiles cleaned

  • All bathroom counters and fixtures cleaned

  • Stairs (vacuumed, wood dusted)

  • Floors (vacuumed and mopped)

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas

It is presumed that the home will be in order and somewhat picked up to facilitate heavy cleaning.


*If you have any special requests, let us know prior to your scheduled cleaning*

  • Fridge clean & organization

  • Oven clean

  • Baseboards scrubbed

  • Interior windows & window tracks washed

  • Blinds

  • Move-in/move out

  • Green cleaning

  • Packing/unpacking

  • Post-construction/remodel cleaning

  • Interior cabinet cleaning

  • Property rental cleaning

  • Mommy Helper Package - If you're interested in this package please send us a message for more info!

DEEP CLEAN (First Time, One-Time, or Special Request Cleaning)

Every “Deep Clean” includes the “Basic Clean” with detail emphasis and focus on build up, plus the following:

  • Ceiling fan blades (hand wiped or dusted)

  • Light fixtures (hand washed in place / not removed)

  • Blinds and shutters (vacuumed or dusted) Mini-Blinds (dusted)

  • Moldings, woodwork, and window sills (dusted or hand wiped)

  • Baseboards (dusted, reachable w/out moving furniture)

  • Lamp and lampshades (dusted or vacuumed with attachment)

  • Pictures and knick-knacks (hand wiped)

  • Furniture (hand wiped or dusted)

  • Stovetop scrubbed

  • All Cabinet fronts spot cleaned

  • All doors spot wiped 

  • Light switch plates (wiped)

  • Countertops and backsplashes (washed)

  • Mirrors (cleaned all the way to top*)

  • Tub / Shower tiles (double scrubbed if build up)

  • Stairs (vacuumed and mopped unless carpeted)

  • Floors (vacuumed and mopped unless carpeted)

  • Vacuum all carpet crevices (crevice along the edge where bugs, animal hair, carpet fibers collect)


Located in Murray, KY!


(731) 592-0745


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